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Ladies and gentlemen,


In October, HKTDC organizes 2 free webinars to which you are cordially invited. The first of them (20.10) in Polish is aimed primarily at importers, distributors, chain stores, people cooperating or planning to cooperate with a Chinese contractor. We recommend the second webinar (28.10) in English to exporters interested in expanding into Asian markets through e-commerce channels, brand owners, as well as those looking for investors and capital in Asia to finance pro-export projects.

We recommend both events to Hong Kong friends who are interested in Asia and China, and to those who are looking for inspiration for business in the new post-pandemic reality. Webinars will be held on the Zoom platform.


HKTDC's October webinar calendar:


1. Webinar : Trade with China in the pandemic era - Hong Kong and new online business solutions

Date: October 20 (Tuesday)

From 10:00 to 11:00

Language: Polish



  • Hong Kong AD 2020 - opportunities and challenges from the Polish perspective - Aleksander Dańda, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong: business opportunities and online support instruments - Anna Dowgiałło, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Warsaw Consultant Office

  • Practical aspects of safe import from China and Hong Kong - Piotr Canowiecki,

  • Virtual fair - a new reality in international trade - Przemysław Kowalczyk, LEDIN Sp. z o. o. Sp.K.


Registration link (until 18.10) → - DONE


2. Webinar : Online Business Opportunities for CEE and Baltic Countries via Hong Kong

Date: October 28 (Wednesday)

9:00 am - 10:00 am

Language: English



  • Opening Remarks - Winsome Chan, HKTDC Director Germany and Central Europe

  • Pre-Export Financing: The Missing Link in Trade Finance - Eric Wong, CEO and Chairman at TCG Capital

  • Crossborder Omni-Channel Supply Chain Innovation in the New Retail Era: Excellent Solution for Leading Brand in Baltic and CEE to win Business in the Emerging Market of China and South East Asia via Hong Kong in light of COVID-19 '-Terry Chan, Founder & Chairman at Hong Kong eCommerce Supply Chain Association (HKeCSC)

  • HKTDC virtual fairs experience - Anna Dowgiałło, HKTDC Warsaw Consultant Office


Registration link (until 26.10) →


On behalf of Net_Smolna 2020, we invite you to the webinars of micro and small entrepreneurs, especially from Warsaw and the surrounding area.


What is Net_Smolna 2020?

Net_Smolna 2020 is thirteen networking meetings combined with workshops conducted by entrepreneurs and business experts carried out in October and November 2020 in the on-line formula. The program is implemented by Pracownia Rozwoju on behalf of the Economic Development Office of the City of Warsaw Warsaw.


What does participation in meetings give?

Participation in the meetings is to help in the development of practical competences in the field of running a company and in establishing new business contacts between meeting participants.



Workshop 5 . - The company during the epidemic. How to survive? How to change?

Workshop 6. - Sales - how to go from selling alone to the sales team?
- run by our cluster expert Andrzej Haremski.

Workshop 7. - Recruiting employees - effective recruitment and building an employer brand in small and medium-sized companies.

Workshop 8. - Storytelling in business communication - how to sell your story?

Workshop 9. - Building customer relations - how to care for customers so that they come back to us?

Workshop 10. - International cooperation - how to find foreign partners being a micro or small company?
- run by our cluster expert Andrzej Haremski.

Workshop 12. - Networking business card - how to present yourself at a business meeting?

Workshop 13. - Building and managing a team in a small company

In October this year. The COP Cluster has signed a cooperation agreement with an international group specializing in the production of powdered graphene, investing in innovative technological solutions with its use.

Very interesting applications of graphene as an additive, sometimes in a fraction of%, to the current composition of products, can radically change its parameters.

We will work together on modifications, e.g. for anti-corrosion coatings, hydrophobic paints, concrete, power cables, tool alloys and even packaging.

We count on wide interest in the subject of graphene, also from the side of our universities as research centers.

We invite you to talk with us about the possibility of using graphene and the improvement or modification of your products with its use. It is worth being innovative.


Ladies and Gentlemen, in the era of the coronavirus and the raging epidemic, we all look with fear at the dynamically changing economic situation. We are all afraid of whether our business will survive, what will the world be like in a year or two ... How to secure the existence of your companies, your own? ...

It is difficult for everyone to act in these difficult times, but we propose to take joint actions using our partner network in many countries around the world. Over the last few years, the COP Cluster has been working very intensively on expanding its contacts and creating an international structure that, in the current difficult situation, can help maintain business liquidity.

New markets, especially where the coronavirus has left some peace and room for growth is still available to us. We can export there, organize imports, undertake production to other local markets, supplement the lame market of the European Union, so far constituting the basis of Polish export destination.

Please review the directions of potential expansion that we propose on our website:


Perhaps you will find your inspiration in them ...

In cooperation with our partner from England, PAB, we are planning a series of webinars with UK companies interested in installing in Poland as a result of Brexit.

The cluster also wants to offer them a wider cooperation in search of partners.

As a result of the activities of our cluster group forming the COP Kazakhstan Cluster, a plant for the production of plant bioactivator based on humic acid, obtained in Ukrainian technology, was created in Silesia.

Excellent properties of this agent have been confirmed by the results of the research.

We are currently working on building a foreign recipient network of this bioactivator concentrate. Each time it comes to organizing the appropriate laboratory facilities, whose task will be to study the composition of the soil so that the farmer receives a bioactivator enriched with the right ingredients for specific crops. The preparation according to the appropriate recipes will be prepared on site, in the laboratory and sold with the service of spraying or other feeding to the soil.

This year, one of the great Poles-Floridians passed away - a colonel in the US Army, professor Zbigniew P. Wesołowski .

He was a co-founder of the Polish-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida and the Americas, and the chairman of the Polish American Congress, actively seeking to include Poland in NATO structures.

Engagement of prof. Wesołowski in the bilateral economic and political cooperation between the United States and Poland is not widely known.

He has always been a very modest person, remaining in the shadows, but his work has brought amazing results.

It was his merit to help save Polish companies from the Aviation Valley, such as Mielec, for which he obtained contracts from the aviation industry in Florida.

It was he who organized or co-organized numerous visits of American politicians to Poland, such as Vice President Al Gore or Governor Bob Martinez.


We had the great pleasure of talking to the professor many times about our dreams, which coincided with his longing for Poland. It is prof. Wesołowski was one of the people supporting the creation of the economic corridor between Poland and Florida.

He inspired us with his dreams and achievements by holding many hours of talks. During the last meeting with us, he insisted on working persistently on the concept of the corridor, because its implementation will bring Poland closer to the United States and thus ensure Poland's security and stability.

He left behind a huge intellectual legacy from which subsequent generations of the Polish community, especially those in Florida, can draw their strength and vision in building a great Polish-American friendship.

Our Floridian partner, Mr. Patrick Misiewicz, was very friendly with Professor Wesołowski, listening deeply to his thoughts and ideas.

We will use all these messages and act according to guidance from our mentor so that his dreams can become reality.

Unfortunately, we did not manage to present the professor with an honorary membership and nomination to the Cluster Council. We were prevented by Covid limitations ...

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