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Ladies and Gentlemen

In today's portion of information, we especially invite you to our webinar, prepared together with the Regional Chamber of Commerce of Pomerania .

We also invite you to watch the trailer for a shocking film based on facts.

We encourage you to follow the current information posted on our LinkedIn channel .

This summary information is to provide current information about what we are doing, what is happening in the Cluster, what new opportunities appear every day ...

Your business in Africa

We will present how to start operating in Africa, based on the experience gained during cooperation with companies.

Additionally, experts from BGK and KUKE will present the financing options available to both institutions when entering African markets.

More information and registration here -> Your business in Africa

Centrum Kapsztadu

We support Polish cinematography

The COP cluster is not only about business. They are primarily people with many talents who make up our organization . There are also those for whom life is a passion for film and cinema.

They are filmmakers , artists ...


Even before the premiere, today, waiting ...

Here's the trailer:


Attention! Strong scenes . You may need to login to confirm your age.

"He killed because he had to. He survived because he could."


In 1999, its story was filmed by Krzysztof Krauze. In the famous "Debt" he showed how helplessness and distrust of law enforcement agencies can lead an ordinary person to the last resort.

More than 20 years later, the way to pardon Sławomir Sikora is shown by the makers of the film "My Debt".

The main roles are:

  • Bartosz Sak

  • Piotr Stramowski

  • Olga Boładź

  • Anna Karczmarczyk .

Ordinary citizen convicted of murder  a brutal bandit must find the strength to survive many years of imprisonment.

It is a shocking, authentic story of the unequal struggle for justice and survival.

A story that only faith in another person and hope for a normal life give strength to fight the system.

In the trailer, you can hear the famous song by Paluch "Without fear", which has over 100 million views on YouTube. In 2020, the artist  for him he received a Popkiller statuette in the * Single of the Decade category. *

The film will be released in cinemas from February 25, 2022.

"Towards economic reconstruction"

On February 4, 2022, a scientific conference was held on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Industrial District .

On February 5, 2022, 85 years have passed since the official announcement
construction of the COP, the largest economic undertaking of the Second Polish Republic .


It took place on February 5, 1937, during a meeting of the Committee on Budgets. This event marked the beginning of changes on an unprecedented scale. In the years 1937-1939, large industrial investments were carried out in Poland, thousands of new jobs were created, modern cities were built, and the country's defense potential was increased. The economic potential of the Republic of Poland increased significantly, and the achievements of the builders were impressive, although the plans were fully implemented within two years.

Today, the ideas that guided the creation of the COP are returning, and the region covered by this plan is again experiencing an economic and civilization leap. As part of this plan, Stalowa Wola was built, which is why the memory of the COP is particularly vivid here and important for the city's identity.

Therefore, the main event of the jubilee celebrations was the opening of the only Central Industrial District Museum in Poland in Stalowa Wola.
The new museum will share knowledge about the COP, but most of all, popularize its universal values and message, important and relevant today.

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