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Today a bit of information from current activities.

We encourage you to follow the current information published in our LinkedIn channel.

This is a summary of information to provide current information about what we do, what is happening in the Cluster, what new opportunities appear every day ...

Visitors from Ivory Coast

In January and March we hosted a delegation from the COP Cluster Ivory Coast.

During the week-long visit, the arrangements necessary for the organization were made sales representatives of four Polish companies which will be located in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)  and Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso.

At the moment, two exhibitions of Polish doors and furniture, as well as floor panels are being prepared in these countries.

The first batches of deliveries have already been agreed with the producers.

We are now waiting for the inauguration of the showrooms, which should take place at the turn of June and July this year.

Świętokrzyska Innovation Council

A meeting was held on April 4 Świętokrzyska Innovation Council to which the board of Cluster COP was invited. During the meeting, a ceremony of awarding prizes and statuettes to the winners of the 14th edition of the Świętokrzyski Rationalizer Award was held.

One of the main awards was given to the team consisting of: Stanisław Szczepaniak, Remigiusz Szczepaniak, Elwira Szczepaniak, Dominika Szczepaniak, Monika Szczepaniak, INWEX Innovation and Implementation Unit for work on "Complexes of organic silicon compounds with boron citrate and dimethylethanolamine (DMAE)".

Inwex is one of the members of the COP Cluster, which has been supporting our activities from the very beginning. We congratulate the winners and wish them success and perseverance.

More about the event here:

Stanisław Szczepaniak

Another mission to Miami

Within Polish-Florida Business Group we're planning another mission to Miami.

The tentative departure date is October-November this year. We are planning a trip for 8 days. As part of the trip, activities related to the "landing" of our Group companies on Florida soil will be completed, which means formal establishment of representative companies and taking action with American business partners in Florida.

Our group is slowly starting to grow, more companies are expected to join our structure in the USA.

Interested in joining Polish-Floridian Business Group and expanding your business to the American market, please contact us by e-mail via the "Contact" tab and the form on the Cluster COP website:

  - Cooperation Base | Clustercop

We present companies


We direct our service to entrepreneurs and natural persons in a financial crisis, the aim of which is to avoid bankruptcy and satisfy creditors as much as possible.


What is restructuring?

  • Restructuring proceedings are conducted against entrepreneurs who are insolvent or threatened with insolvency.

  • The purpose of restructuring proceedings is to avoid an entrepreneur being declared bankrupt by equipping him with a wide range of repair and debt relief procedures.

  • These procedures, depending on the financial situation of the entrepreneur, are to ensure the resolution of the problem of insolvency, while respecting the interests of creditors.

What does concluding a restructuring agreement mean in practice?

  • Suspension of debt collection activities, waiver of seizures of bank accounts;

  • Not raising claims against members of the management board;

  • Much lower costs than with court restructuring;

  • Obligation of creditors not to file for bankruptcy;

  • Suspension of the maturity of claims - extension/postponement of the payment date;

  • Commencement of amicable talks with creditors on debt restructuring.


What are the benefits of working with us?
No image risk and no loss of trust of other business partners, e.g. banks and other financial institutions. Our strategic partner is probably the only Law Firm that treats mass creditors (Banks) as a partner. We do not propose capital redemptions to banks, but we connect indebted companies with creditors. We don't help
in escaping from repayment of liabilities, but we connect indebted companies with creditors, which makes us credible in the eyes of creditors.


Daniel Gawryluk - 606-774-696 -

Mateusz Haśkiewicz - 601-755-693 -

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