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Webinar: Your Business in Africa

 Africa is inhabited by over a billion people and at the same time it is the continent with the largest - 24% annually - natural increase . It is also the continent with the highest proportion of children in the total population. People aged 0-14 represent 44% of the population , which also proves Africa's huge future purchasing potential .


   The awareness of many sales directors focused on searching for new, absorptive outlets is slowly beginning to realize that the African continent will soon be the main area of the fight for a new customer .

   Therefore, it is worth considering the presence of your company in this part of the world before the competition appears there.

   We advise on how to start operating in Africa , based on the experience gained during cooperation with companies.

Our webinar is intended mainly for those

who are considering entering the African market.

We will not talk about "is it worth it" ,

but "how to do it".

Your business in Africa

  • 11.00-11.10 - Opening of the meeting - Marek Kruszewski - RIGP

  • 11.10-11.15 - Opening of the meeting - Jacek Kopyra - COP Cluster

  • 11.15-12.00 - Your business in Africa - Jacek Kopyra, COP Cluster

  • 12.00-12.45 - Financial support for exports to African markets - KUKE and BGK offer for companies from Poland and Africa -
    Rafał Szymczak - KUKE and Karol Rozenberg - BGK

  • 12.45-12.55 - Q&A session

The online seminar will start on February 15, 2022. at 11:00 .
We invite you to register.


Everyone interested in cooperation or reporting a specific need is invited to contact the Cooperation Department .

or by direct number

+48 73333 8380

( Daily from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. )

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