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Dear Sir or Madam,
As part of the information policy of the Association of Employers, Polish Clusters we forward a document prepared at the request of the Ministry of Development:

" Directions of Cluster Policy Development in Poland after 2020 "

In the era of economic slowdown caused by the post-pandemic crisis, many companies are seriously looking for opportunities to enter external markets to increase sales opportunities or develop alternative sources of income.

With this in mind, the COP Cluster proposes to focus efforts on markets within its range. These are usually directions relatively poorly explored by Polish and European companies, and at the same time offering high rates of return with relatively low investments.

The risk of investing is secured by us through very good local contacts and first-hand economic knowledge .

We are able to properly select and prepare business projects from the stage of searching for a local partner to guaranteeing appropriate sales relations in new markets.

In this spirit, our Cluster's cooperation with West African countries is developing very dynamically.

Regardless of the restrictions caused by the Covid epidemic, we've spent the last few months preparing many specific projects:

  • A letter of intent was signed between the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin and the University of St. Dominica of West Africa in Burkina Faso (USDAO) and the COP Cluster regarding the creation of a research center in Africa , focused on conducting scientific research in the field of broadly understood biology and especially in the field of medical biotechnology.
    The basis of this cooperation is also the implementation of research projects aimed at obtaining knowledge supporting the scientific development of UMCS and USDAO.
    At present, a project team has been created on site in Burkina Faso that will coordinate the acquisition of relevant information, prepare and co-implement the project.

  • Regardless of the cooperation developed with UMCS, the COP Cluster finishes work on a similar document defining cooperation with the University of Lodz. The scope of African cooperation proposed by our friends from the University of Lodz includes over 20 research projects that will be successively implemented as part of the established UŁ-USDAO cluster structure.

  • The final stage of preparations is also several projects aimed at starting food production , dietary supplements and herbal medicines based on natural ingredients found in Africa. Production will be primarily intended for African markets.
    In each case, the Polish side is a supplier of technology and devices for entities created with the participation of relevant partners selected from the companies of the COP cluster organization in Burkina Faso. An additional advantage of such connections is the possibility of exemption from customs duties and taxes for Polish investors undertaking activities in Burkina Faso as part of the COP Cluster .
    An interesting proposal is the organization of a deep-freezing plant for food raw materials for use in Polish processing plants in this industry.

  • In June 2020, work was completed on launching another COP Group organization in West Africa. This time the sister organization is the COP Cote d'Ivoire Cluster. Ivory Coast is a prosperous country in West Africa, one of the region's most developed countries, with the largest port in Abidjan and the capital in Yamoussoukro. The industry that interests us particularly is the agri-food industry and related machinery industry.
    A local organization is being agreed to undertake the distribution of Polish agricultural machinery . This entity will additionally provide services for farmers in Africa consisting in carrying out agricultural works based on their machinery.
    Opportunities for cooperation and the potential of Cote d'Ivoire can be found here: WKS - the agricultural sector

As a result of the activities of our cluster group forming the COP Kazakhstan Cluster, a plant for the production of plant bioactivator based on humic acid, obtained in Ukrainian technology, was created in Silesia.

Excellent properties of this agent have been confirmed by the results of the research.

We are currently working on building a foreign recipient network of this bioactivator concentrate. Each time it comes to organizing the appropriate laboratory facilities, whose task will be to study the composition of the soil so that the farmer receives a bioactivator enriched with the right ingredients for specific crops. The preparation according to the appropriate recipes will be prepared on site, in the laboratory and sold with the service of spraying or other feeding to the soil.

The construction of local roads paved with a chemical stabilizer is another technology that in turn can be directed to our local governments.

It is a technology offered by our partners from the United States, resistant to weather conditions , cheap and at the same time very mechanically durable .

Below is a film from the implementation:

On behalf of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone , Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego , Invest in Pomerania and the Industrial Development Agency, we are sending an invitation to participate in a webinar devoted to investment support: as part of the Decision on Support, through instruments of the Anti-Crisis Shield, EU loans for enterprises and grants for the development of new investment areas .
Experts will be available to participants of the webinar also after its completion.


"Support for modern services and business for the Tri-City"


July 2, 2020 at 10.00


MS Teams application




10:00  Welcome, technical matters - Jarosław Szponarski, PSSE sp. Z oo

10:05  Public aid for a new investment project - Igor Nagraba, PSSE

10:20  The most important instruments supporting entrepreneurs under the Anti-Crisis Shield Dominika Kazimierczyk, PSSE

10.30  ARP SA products as part of the anti-crisis shield - Joanna Ślubowska - Zawadzka, Industrial Development Agency

10:50  Aid Package - EU loans for entrepreneurs - Emilia Gallas, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

11:00  Grants for the development of new investment areas - Maciej Silarski, Invest in Pomerania

11:15  Summary of the meeting - Jarosław Szponarski, PSSE



We received an interesting proposition from our friends from Business Societies. We invite you to read.

We are pleased to inform you that already in July 2020 we will be able to accept new Shareholders to the jointly created CIELEŚNICA SA.


We remind you that during the ISSUE OF ACTIONS 2019, there were no share packages for all those interested.
These people will receive information first.

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