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Ladies and gentlemen,


On December 10 this year. a General Meeting of the Members of the Association for the Industrial Cluster of the Former COP Areas was held .

Apart from the discharge granted to the Management Board of the COP Cluster, two supervisory bodies were merged, ie the Supervisory Board and the Audit Committee into one body - the Supervisory Board - by selecting its new composition.


The current composition of the Supervisory Board is:


  • Dr. Eng. Janusz Sobieraj - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Mr. Henryk Barański - Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Mr. Marcin Chrobak - Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board

  • Mr. Edward Płusa - Member of the Supervisory Board


Several changes to the COP Cluster Statute were adopted and the COP Cluster development program was approved by the end of 2023.


Below we present a summary of the COP Cluster program assumptions for the coming years

Basic directions of operation of the COP Cluster


  1. Building groups of enterprises interested in undertaking business projects within the COP Cluster: joint production ventures, technology implementation, search for sales markets, domestic and international trade, organization of single and multi-sector interest groups towards national and international cooperation.

  2. Creation of an international network of business connections and organization of own partner network under the name of "International COP Group" in countries with high potential of developing markets.

  3. The organization, based on individual foreign partners, of several organizations similar to the COP Cluster , integrating local entrepreneurs from abroad, interested in cooperation with Polish enterprises, local governments, universities and other members of the COP Cluster.

  4. Promoting knowledge about the economic history of Poland, with particular emphasis on the history of the COP and the achievements of Prime Minister Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski.

  5. Preparation of sales markets and economic cooperation for members of the COP Cluster




The construction of the COP cluster organization, due to the lack of sufficiently high financial resources, has been undergoing a structural change for two years.

Financial limitations result in the inability to employ the appropriate number of employees related to the management of both the cluster office and industry sections.


Employment of cluster industry section coordinators would solve the problem of ongoing communication with cluster members who could be recruited for joint ventures. At the same time, there is a lack of interest of the Cluster members in organizing such industry groups and forming consortium groups to implement joint projects.


Bearing in mind the above conditions, a decision was naturally made to abandon the concept of cluster structuring based on industry sections for the development of the cluster structure based on organized specific project groups.

Steering committees of such groups should be organized on the basis of persons delegated to them by the parties interested in the project.

Depending on the specificity and form of planned projects, the group should be organized on the basis of a consortium agreement or other civil law agreements between the parties.

The preferred function of the COP Cluster (Association) in such groups should be the function of the Project Coordinator.


International COP Group (MGC )


Regardless of the emerging concepts of business projects proposed to the cluster members, the management board made a decision to successively create the International COP Group composed of a network of cluster partners in many places abroad.

This form of activity will enable the cluster to propose a rich offer of business development ideas to cluster members who are interested in foreign expansion and increasing turnover in international cooperation.

Foreign partners of the COP Cluster are linked with the Association by cooperation agreements or other agreements, which enable them to undertake coordinated actions in planning and implementing cluster projects on an international scale.



Objectives of the COP Cluster partner network within the International COP Group


  1. Creation of a strong partnership group of foreign and Polish entities (enterprises, entrepreneurs, sales representatives and other units and organizations) related to international trade, production and consulting. Developing durable and strong mechanisms of cooperation between entities of the business environment of foreign partners with Polish companies of the COP Cluster connected by tight chains of cooperation and business cooperation.

  2. Planning and implementation of Polish-foreign joint ventures aimed at economic and social development of enterprises, universities and local governments, regions of the Republic of Poland and entities associated within the COP Cluster and its sister cluster organizations abroad.

  3. Effective search for commercial partners at home and abroad for entities offering their products and services within the International COP Group, supervision over the logistic sphere of order fulfillment and product deliveries, organization of purchase and sales processes from the inquiry phase to the end of financial settlements.

  4. Promotion and use of business opportunities related to the Three Seas Initiative.

  5. Consolidation of the service and commercial offer of COP Group entities as part of applying for contracts that exceed the implementation potential of individual companies in terms of size.

  6. Joint shaping of a strategy for the development of commercial brokerage on the markets where the International COP Group operates.

  7. Supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the areas of development of the International COP Group



Ways of achieving the goals by the COP Cluster within the International COP Group


  • creating favorable conditions for the organization of cluster business ventures, including the location of production companies, start-ups, trade companies and others on the markets of MGC operations


  • creating consulting centers and business hubs aimed at commercial and warehouse activities in the zone of operation of local COP cluster organizations, offering favorable conditions for concluding Polish-foreign business transactions


  • synergistic connections and use of the potential of people and enterprises as well as other units and organizations forming MGC, in order to jointly prepare, coordinate and implement business projects, in particular of a commercial nature
    and production, developing sales markets to support the development of MGC entities


  • acquiring a group of investment entities to support and initiate, from the financial point of view, MGC cluster projects


  • exchange of knowledge and cooperation offers of regional business in various industries, including: machinery, metal, agricultural and others, as well as proposals for the exchange of knowledge and experience between non-governmental organizations


  • organization of cyclical events promoting regional specialties and local entrepreneurs in order to establish business contacts, undertake joint cooperation projects and others


  • organizing and presenting opportunities and incentives for locating Polish-foreign enterprises in the areas of MGC's operation and in Poland


  • establishing cooperation by local governments of MGC with local governments associated in the COP Cluster


  • promotion of Polish culture and business


  • creating a strong center for the Polish community united around common goals of business activity


  • focusing around the idea of ​​common interests and historical ties, people who are contemporary authorities identified with positive models of economic and international cooperation





In the current activity, in addition to developing the concept of business projects proposed to cluster members, the management board will continue to work on creating an international network of business connections and organizing its own partner network in countries with high potential of developing markets.


The positive reception of this direction among cluster entrepreneurs confirms the correctness of the chosen strategy. The enrichment of the cluster's offer and organization of international projects on markets with high development potential attracts more and more interested parties, which bodes well for the coming years.


In the perspective of 1-2 years, it is planned to expand the MGC network with partners in the following countries: Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Israel.

Based on partners in Guinea and Benin, and then in Senegal, it is planned to establish a sister business organization to the COP Cluster in Poland, in the organizational form corresponding to the cluster groups in Burkina Faso and Côte d'Ivoire.


The COP Cluster will endeavor to finally agree and sign an agreement on the creation of WAPDP and, within its framework, to create small economic centers / zones in local governments for Polish enterprises that want to develop their potential based on African countries.


Regardless of the statutory activity, the Association will put emphasis on business projects offered to members of the COP Cluster, which should primarily include:


  • organization of jv projects in the countries of West Africa in order to start food and other production, based on Polish technologies, for the purpose of products on local and Polish markets.


  • assistance in foreign expansion, including: searching for economic partners, establishing jv companies with the participation of Polish entities in order to undertake joint production, trade and other activities


  • analysis of the absorption of foreign markets in terms of exports of Polish products


  • searching for technologies for Polish enterprises


  • organization of joint Polish-foreign business organizations to increase the market potential of the COP Cluster


  • searching for investors interested in investing in Polish enterprises


  • searching for attractive investment offers for Polish enterprises, investment facilities and incentives from foreign self-governments


  • consulting services for members of the COP Cluster regarding the certification of products on local markets and for companies from abroad wishing to open their companies in Poland and other countries where MGC operates

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