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Ladies and gentlemen,


In November this year. a letter of intent was signed between the University of Lodz, the University of St. Dominica of West Africa in Burkina Faso (USDAO) and the COP Cluster to establish a research center in Africa focused on conducting scientific research in the field of biology and environmental protection.

As part of the inter-university cooperation, the University of Lodz also submitted a proposal to organize studies for USDAO students and doctoral studies at the University of Lodz for USDAO graduates as an extension of the teaching programs of the University of St. Dominica.

The next stage of cooperation will be to prepare the university consortium to conduct many joint research projects, the aim of which will also be to apply for funding from domestic and foreign sources.

In November, a series of webinars with English companies interested in starting cooperation with Polish companies and launching their companies in Poland took place. These activities have recently intensified quite dynamically due to the finalization of Brexit and the need to transfer the activities of English companies to the continent in order to facilitate the exchange with the EU and prevent the increase in costs related to the expected introduction of EU-UK customs duties.

The webinars were prepared by our UK partner company - PAB Languages together with local chambers of commerce in several counties of England.

The next webinars are planned for January 2021 .

At present, the Cluster has submitted proposals for cooperation with English companies , Polish companies operating in the furniture industry, fruit production and processing and the plastics industry.


As part of promoting the possibility of market expansion, the COP Cluster plans to conduct a series of information webinars related to running a business and presenting business conditions in the countries where the International COP Group network operates.

In preparation - meetings on business cooperation, incl. with the Balkan countries, Georgia , Italy , the USA , Kazakhstan . Webinars will be free for members of the COP Cluster.

We will share details and invitations with you on a regular basis.

Due to the existing pandemic, we organize screening tests for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid19) coronavirus for our Members.

In early January, there may be a significant increase in infections due to the increased transmission of the virus during Christmas. It's worth being prepared.

Identifying a potential source of infection is extremely important to maintain the continuity of processes in workplaces and ensure health safety for employees.

Screening tests performed with the use of antigen tests are an effective protection against the spread of infection within the workplace , regardless of the source of the virus.

We have the option of obtaining special prices for all Members.

If you are interested in testing and research, please contact our coordinator, Andrzej Haremski.


tel. +48 73 333 8380


Dear Clusters and Cluster Partners.


We are sending the following invitation to participate in the 20th Meeting

Entrepreneurs' Council at the SME Ombudsman on

December 14, 2020 at 11.00 in the formula of videoconference.


The meeting will be divided into two thematic blocks:
- cooperation between entrepreneurs and scientists - experience and opportunities
- business support mechanisms in establishing cooperation with research units


Registration until December 13, 2020 at 24.00 at the address


A detailed agenda for the meeting and a link to participate will be sent to registered participants on the day of the conference.


Warning! Participation requires prior registration and a Zoom account.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology kindly asks for the widest possible distribution among interested members of your organization the following information, received from the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Warsaw, regarding the announcement of the tender procedure:

construction of a 100 MW solar park in the Spitallë area in the Durrës district of Albania.

According to the information from the Albanian side attached below, detailed information on the documents of the Tender Procedure can be obtained on the website of the Awarding Entity:


or by contacting the persons designated by the Employer at the following e-mail addresses: or


Barbara Kopijkowska-Nowak

At the beginning of December this year. we received an interesting offer from the Emalco Enamelware company from Siedlce.

Emalco produces a wide range of traditional Polish enamelware. Interesting design and traditional, solid firing technology guarantee that the cups will work well at home, during trips to the countryside, as well as as an advertising gadget that attracts attention.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment.


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