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Ladies and Gentlemen

After the summer break, we are in a hurry with the latest information on the activities of the COP Cluster.

As you have probably noticed, the current information is "hot" on our LinkedIn channel .

This shortened information is to provide current information about what we are doing, what is happening in the Cluster, what new opportunities appear every day ...

We will develop and comment on this information in the newsletter.

Plasmovax Consortium

Signed between the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, the COP Cluster and the University of St. Dominic of West Africa in March 2021.

The goal of the consortium  there is constant cooperation within the international structure of the COP Cluster developed in West Africa, in particular in the preparation and implementation of:  

  • research projects with particular emphasis on scientific research and obtaining information on tropical diseases, in particular malaria,

  • training of research workers, 

  • research work aimed at assessing the formula of an innovative antigen based on proteins from Plasmodium falciparum, which may provide the basis for the development of a vaccine against malaria, a project which is an achievement of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Poland.

PlasmoVax - Ribosomal P proteins of Plasmodium falciparum as a potential component of a vaccine against malaria


Third place in the "Scientific Discovery of the Year" category in the National Geographic Traveler 2011 poll, Gold Medal at the Eureka Contest 2013 at the World Exhibition of Invention, Research and New Techniques, Brussels INNOVA.


Malaria is currently one of the most dangerous and fastest spreading infectious diseases, threatening more than half of the world's human population. It kills about 1 million people each year, mostly children under five .

The most severe course of the disease is caused by infections with a spore called Plasmodium falciparum, which exhibits high resistance to known drugs. The only effective method of fighting malaria is therefore the use of a vaccine that contains the appropriate antigen, inducing a specific type of immune immunity, protecting the body against the clinical symptoms of malaria.

Research conducted at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in the Department of Molecular Biology focuses on the development of PlasmoVax - a vaccine against malaria based on a highly immunogenic protein antigen - the complex of ribosomal proteins P. 
P proteins appear as a surface antigen in all developmental forms of the Plasmodium parasite. The high titers of specific anti-P antibodies observed in humans from malarial regions have been correlated with resistance to disease development. 
PlasmoVax is a soluble and stable form of an easy-to-produce P protein antigen, showing strong immunostimulatory properties in the absence of toxicity to human cell lines. 
The antigen elicits the strongest and best balanced immune response at both the cellular and humoral levels, being an extremely important step towards the development of an effective vaccine against malaria. Discovery protected by EPO patent (EP2409987).


Regardless of the above tasks, the university consortium will research African plants with medicinal properties to ultimately develop herbal drug formulas, including their production.
The projects will be financed from the relevant EU research programs.

Amber Route

In September this year. the Polish-American consortium of Polish-Floridian Business Group was signed, the primary goal of which is implementation  project called "AMBER ROUTE".

Under this name, joint actions are taken to establish priority connections between the logistic centers of northern Poland and the State of Florida into a commercial transport channel constituting a privileged corridor of economic exchange between the US and Poland, including the organization of warehouse and office hubs and organizational units supporting the development and economic activity of Consortium Members for in the Tri-City area and the local governments of the State of Florida, in which the Consortium will operate.

The project also includes the organization of its own logistics and production structure , in particular based on its own means of transport, including sea transport, in order to ensure preferential financial and operational conditions for the Consortium members.

The destination base for the location of the Amber Route on the American side is Port Everglades in Broward County  

Advanced talks are also underway on extending the Amber Route to two additional lines: Kazakhstan and West Africa , where two consortium forwarding units are already being established.

The consortium is open to all transport and production companies wishing to develop their activities on a larger scale.


We invite you to Amber Route.

Suplemedico Afriqua

As part of the COP Cluster Burkina Faso , the Suplemedico Afriqua company was established as an entity representing and introducing Polish pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements to African markets.


The first 10 products are in the registration phase. Another 10 products are under preparation by the end of this year.

Suplemedico also trades in organic food products and  conducts research , training and services in the field of phytotherapy and the production of herbal medicines based on recipes containing African herbs.

The farmer trades

The Rolnik Handluje project was launched with the active support of 4 Starosties of the Odrowąż District : Szydłowiecki, Konecki , Opoczyński and Przysuski .

This is an implementation project of food distribution and processing prepared by the Industrial Cluster COP in cooperation with the "Rolnik Handluje" foundation and  local governments.

Its essence is to stimulate the development of small and medium-sized agricultural producers and shorten the distribution chain  and delivering local products to final consumers. It promotes ecological and, above all, fresh products, which is not so obvious nowadays ... 

During the last meeting of local government authorities in the Szydłowiec Starosty, Rafał Foryś, representative  In his speech, the "Rolnik Handluje" Foundation referred to this fact, talking about many problems of modern societies and typical civilization diseases related to the consumption of products produced with the excessive use of chemical plant protection agents, too much preservatives and deeply processed food. 
The success of the project largely depends on good cooperation with local self-governments at the commune and poviat level. Jan Banaszak, Vice President of the COP Cluster, when talking about this idea, he referred to glorious examples from the past, the pragmatism of Wielkopolska farmers and the great achievements of technical thought of the interwar period, which, due to their universality and supported by modern technologies, can be directly transferred to our reality. .
The starost of Włodzimierz Górlicki was supported as the host by the chairman of the County Council, Roman Woźniak. In Szydłowiec, we are always met with a family atmosphere and openness.

Thank you very much!

Another meeting, this time in Końskie - on October 7 this year.

US Army and international organizations

In cooperation with Polish and American partners, we managed to make a very advantageous offer for the supply of furniture to the American military base in Greater Poland. The amount of the offer is nearly PLN 2.5 million.

Thanks to the constant monitoring of tenders announced by 32 international organizations, we are able to respond on an ongoing basis and provide our partners with information about the demand for a wide range of products around the world .

Participation in tenders gives the opportunity to enter foreign markets without advertising and marketing costs.

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